Weapon Symbols
"You like weapons, eh? A kid after my own heart-shaped void."

There are five classes of weapons: swords, spears, axes, hammers, and daggers. Each weapon class has its own benefits and drawbacks. Weapons with enchantments deal their effects to struck enemies.

Swords Edit

Swords have moderate range and have balanced stats.

Types of Swords Edit

Shortsword +1
Longsword +1 -1
Machete +1
Rapier +1 +1 +1
Sabre +1 -3 +2
Falchion +1 -2 +2
Broadsword +2
Cutlass +2 -2 +1
Scimitar +1 -2 +2
Claymore +3 -1 -2

Sword Skills Edit

Skill Command Description
Downward Thrust (In air) down + attack Thrust sword downwards, halting upward momentum and stuns enemies hit and in a small radius upon landing.
Whirling Blade down + forward + attack Character rolls with sword extended hitting multiple times and lifting slightly from ground.
Hack n' slash forward + attack Lunge forward and strike an enemy if it connects multiple times, mid air it is a spinning attack.
Parry back + attack Character parries the next attack received, causing a good block.

Daggers Edit

Daggers have very short range, but attack very fast. Most have bonuses to Intelligence.

Daggers tend to wear away quickly. Few enemies use them (Grumbul Assassin and Ogo), so it can be hard to find a replacement.

Types of Daggers Edit

Dirk +1
Dagger -1 +2 +1
Sai +1 +2 +1
Knife +1 -1 +1
Stiletto +1 +1 +2 -2
Kris -2 +2 +1
Fang +1 -1 +1 +1 -1

Dagger Skills Edit

Skill Command Description
Kick Down + attack (x2) Rush forward in a flying kick.
Dagger Storm ⇨⇨ + attack + (⇨⇦...) Lunge forward and then back, rapidly stabbing twice. Keep attacking* for a flurry.
Execute ⇧ + ⇩ + attack in air Stab from above, dealing massive, unblockable** damage

*Rapidly pressing left and right. ** Cannot be performed on Grumbul Soldiers.

Hammers Edit

Hammers are best known for high knockback and not severing limbs. Attacking while moving makes the user stop. They usually have DEF bonuses.

They have moderate range and go well mix well with ranged attacks, as well as Bully's Taunt.

Types of Hammers Edit

Hammer +1
Mallet +1
Sledgehammer +1 -1
War-Hammer +1 +1 -2
Crusher +1 +2 -2 -2
Megaton +1 -3
Bludgeon +1 +1
Wrench -2 -3 +3

The Wrench

The wrench is dropped after defeating the Grumbul Mech. It can be used to repair a Tinkerer-Bot! The wrench will wear out enemy equipement when you strike.

Hammer Skills Edit

Skill Command Description
Heavy Bat ⇨ + attack Smash enemies away and knock items around.
Uppersmash roll + attack Perform an uppercut that knocks foes skyward.
The Drop ⇩ + attack (x2) in air Smash your weapon into the ground, knocking back nearby foes and inflicting weapon status.
Underslash ⇩ + attack

in air

Swing at enemies beneath you, raising character higher slightly
Parry Attack + ⇦ Character holds weapons in front of them, if successful in parrying an attack it tumbles the opponent and counters instantly with an attack that always crits.

Axes Edit

Axes are most likely to sever limbs. Axes always have a cleaving motion.

Axes have moderate range and typically have damage bonuses

Types of Axes Edit

Axe +1
Bearded Axe +1 -1
Hatchet +1
Jagged Axe +2 +1 -3
Battle-Axe +2 -2
Great Axe +2 +1 -2 -1 -1
Swinging Blade Trap* +3 +3 -3
  • Swinging Blade Trap usually severs a limb on hit. It requires the Heavy Lifting (strength 1) boon to wield as a weapon, and the Break spell to obtain.

Axe Skills Edit

Skill Command Description
Underslash* ⇩ + attack Slash at enemies beneath you. Raises character slightly
Flourish ⇨ + ⇨ + attack Axe spins in front of character hitting multiple times
Spin Cleave roll + attack Twirl forward, performing a spinning uppercut.
Earth Splitter* ⇩ + attack (x2) in air Performed after Underslash character spins and hits the ground similar to The Drop, launching a shockwave forward.

*Hammers also use this, not available in hammer weapon skills.

*Applies weapon effect

Spears Edit

Spears have very long range and have balanced stats.

Types of Spears Edit

Spear +1
Halberd +1 -1
Stick +1
Partisan -1 +1 +1
Bardiche +2 -2
Trident +2 -3 +1
Bill +2 +1 -3

Spear Skills Edit

Skill Command Description
Aimed Stab attack Your spear thrusts home in on enemies.
Hunter's Thrust ⇨ + attack A hard stab that dashes towards foes.
Flying Stab ⇨ + attack + ⇧/⇩ Aim yout hunter's thrust.

Bows Edit

Bows are currently the only ranged weapon. They enable the wielder to quickly shoot arrows, which fly in arcs and stick into enemies. They lack the stopping power of melee weapons.

Up close, you will smack your enemies with your bow, and even Parry with it. In mid-air, you can hover by repeatedly shooting down.

Bows benefit from generous amount of auto-aim at close ranges. For comfortable long range shots, learn INT skill: Trajectory for aiming, and learn STR skill: Focus Strike for powerful shots.

The INT skill: Dipper applies to the first arrow fired, regardless of it hitting an enemy or not.

Bows can use a variety of ammo:

  • Arrows are plentiful, but fragile. They stick into enemies and walls. They can burn away.
  • Giant arrows are powerful, but very scarce. They rip right through enemies, severing limbs and stick into walls. They can burn.
  • Suitable bones are relatively common in the Catacombs. They are not especially powerful, but rather sturdy. They don't burn and don't stick into enemies.

Selecting ammo is accomplished with the Stow key. This is problematic if you want to carry an item around, since you'll have to temporarily put the item on the ground.

Bows cannot be fired if the user is missing an arm, but they can still be swung like a melee weapon. Oddly enough, the bow can still be fired even with a shield equipped; as long as the arm is attached, the bow can be fired regardless of what is equipped in the off-hand slot.

Weapon Modifiers Edit

Weapons usually come with some sort of modifier, with stat modifiers being more common (ex: Sharp) than effect modifiers (ex: Rending). Additional stat modifiers may be added to a weapon by a Blacksmith.

Effect Modifiers Edit

Modifier Description
Venomous Chance to poison enemy. Note: Beware of consuming poisoned corpses.
Amped/Buzzing Chance to electrify enemy.
Sensing Grants telepathy (unseen enemies marked with a glow).
Rending Greatly increased chance to sever an enemy limb.
Force Chance of high knockback on impact.
Stopping Chance to pause enemy.
Light/Glowing Increases light around your Kid, doesn't increase sight range.
Reach Increases range of weapon.
Warm Low chance to burn an enemy.
Heat Chance to burn an enemy.
Infernal High chance to burn an enemy.
Corrosive Chance to inflict acid.
Frost/Winter Chance to freeze enemy.
Smiting Burns undead enemies.
Removal Chance to blink enemies after hit.
Draining Chance to lifesteal.
Learning Enables learning weapon skills for that weapon type.

Stat Modifiers Edit

Good +1
Sharp +1
Heavy +1
Excellent +1 +1
Damaged -1
Dull -1
Broken -1 -1
Smooth +1
Polished +2
Clean +1 +1
Precise +2
Decorated +1
Runic +1
Brutal +3
Awkward -1 -1

Soul Weapons Edit

A Soul weapon is dropped after killing the Reaper.

Soul Weapons behave quite differently from normal weapons. These weapons:

  • Leaves no corpses.
  • Becomes "charged" after killing 3 enemies.
  • While charged, enemies die at 1/4 of their max HP and spawn Reaper Orbs on death.
  • Loses its charge and makes you Weak if some time passes without you killing anything. The only way to avoid this effect is to never stop fighting or to start using another weapon.

There are currently five soul weapons, one for each weapon type, excluding bows.

Types of Soul Weapons Edit

Soul-Slasher +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +2
Soul-Splitter +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Soul-Piercer +1 +1 +1 +2 +1 +1
Soul-Crusher +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1
Soul-Gouger +1 +1 +2 +1 +1 +1

Trivia Edit

  • The axe skill "Underslash" can be used repeatedly at high speeds, allowing for what's known as "Axe Flapping". At 7 speed, axe flapping allows for ascension.
  • The hammer skill "Uppersmash", in conjunction with Focus Strike, allows for what's known as "Hammer Surfing". The Kid will quickly slide along the ground, performing the uppercut whenever an entity is hit.
  • The sword skill "Downward Thrust" has a graphical glitch when used while on stairs.
  • The axe skill "Earth Splitter" comes with a hidden air roll attack. This attack is different from Spin Cleave and may only be executed once Earth Splitter is acquired. The same seems to happen with hammers, but at unknown skill level.