Description Edit

Those who feel outcast or rejected by overworld society sometimes find themselves aimlessly wandering the countryside, searching for meaning. On occasion their travels bring them into the dark recesses of the Catacombs.

Stats Edit

  • SPD +
  • MAG -
  • STR -

Special Ability Edit

The Wanderer's special ability is Instinct. When used, all dungeon walls, water, and lava within a radius of about 6 blocks are outlined - this does not require line of sight. If the special key is pressed and held briefly, the Wanderer begins tracking the item in the crosshair that appears, revealing the approximate position of other similar items even in unexplored areas. Most items can be tracked, and some are grouped together, meaning that tracking one of that group tracks all others of that group:

  • Every type of Grumbul, whether live or dead
  • Skeletons, both animate and inanimate, as well as skulls
  • Potions of all kinds
  • Weapons of all kinds

Most other items are not part of such a group.

If the ability key is held, pressing a direction key activates another ability: Farsight. This is indicated by a long yellow line pointing away from the Wanderer. It lets the player to examine more distant surroundings, much like using a wielded lantern. Each level of the Instinct ability extends the Farsight range.

At Level 1, Instinct has a limited accuracy and cannot discern different items from a group - for instance, animated Skeletons appear the same way a skull does. Additionally, these markings appear very faintly on well-lit areas. Tracking an item while another item is already being tracked will remove the previous item. All tracking ceases upon entering a new floor.

Trackers can track two items at once by using the ability on one item at a time. If two items are tracked, tracking a third removes the first item. Pathfinders can track three items, and can additionally discern between objects in each group - animated Skeletons and skulls will no longer appear the same.

Subclasses Edit

Class Level Subclass Details
Level 1 Wanderer
  • Special: Instinct
Level 2 Tracker
  • Track 2 objects
  • Increased tracking range
  • Climb faster
  • Increased Farsight radius
Level 3 Pathfinder
  • Track 3 objects
  • Tracking is more accurate
  • Track living creatures
  • Increased Farsight radius