Description Edit

Those fascinated with technology are drawn to the Catacombs by tales of magnificent contraptions and long-lost knowledge. These curious Kids seek to rediscover ancient technology... and maybe make some coin along the way.

Stats Edit

  • INT +
  • SPD -
  • LUC -

Special Ability Edit

The Tinkerer's special ability is a Flybot. The bot can help you venture by being your loyal defender, brave warrior, or even support you by spraying you with beneficial potions. It can also assist in many other ways yet to be discovered.

The Flybot has four different modes that the player can switch between at will:

In Defensive mode, the Flybot will only attack enemies that you're already in combat with, but won't fly off and start fights on its own.

In Offensive mode, the Flybot will attack any nearby creature regardless of whether they're aware of you or not.

In Manual mode, you control the Flybot directly, letting you move, attack, and pick up items with it, but you lose control of your Kid while doing so.

In Idle mode, the Flybot enters an inactive standby state: You can use this mode to tell the bot to wait somewhere out of the way while you go do something dangerous. You can also interact with the Tinker-Bot in this mode to manage its held item or modify its behavior.

When the Flybot is destroyed, it breaks into three pieces that are scattered around the level. In order to restore it you'll need to reassemble the parts and then take a moment to power it up again. When you repair your Flybot, you'll become mentally exhausted, until you enter the exit door. If the Flybot breaks again while you have a headache might result in lower quality results - or else come at a high cost. As a mechanic, the propeller acts a boomerang when thrown and the motor can be used to become a bomb but at the cost of destroying itself in your current floor.

In addition to their Flybot companion, Tinkerers also have a chance to start with items unique to their class, called Contraptions. There are only two kinds of contraptions so far - Grenades and Wind-up Turtles - but more are planned for future updates.

Subclasses Edit

Class Level Subclass Details
Level 1 Tinkerer
  • Special: Flybot

Level 2 Mechanic
  • Fully restore Flybot

  • Increase Flybot offensive and health

  • Broken Flybot parts are useful

Level 3 Engineer
  • Fully restore Flybot
  • Increase Flybot offensive, health and speed