Description Edit

Many more whimsical Kids seek out the Catacombs in the hopes that the legendary place will inspire their next great work -- that the dark might hold some untold secrets waiting to be whispered through their pen.

Stats Edit

  • MAG +
  • STR -
  • LUC -

Special Ability Edit

The Poet's special ability is Tome. Before it can be used, the Poet must "equip" a spellbook. This is done by using a spellbook normally as if to learn a spell, but selecting the spellbook itself instead. Only one spellbook may be equipped at a time, and equipping a new spellbook will destroy any other spellbook that is already equipped. One must be wary of Rats as they may steal an equipped spellbook if the kid is not holding an item.

Once equipped, the spellbook now hovers slightly behind the Poet and can be used to attack via the special ability key. Each spellbook has unique effects when used this way. Upon reaching the Wordsmith subclass, an equipped spellbook gains a charge attack in addition to the default effect. These effects include:

Magic in MotionEdit

  • Tap: Otherblink: Casts Blink on foes and props around the user.
  • Hold: Swap: Swaps the user with the nearest prop. Works best if aimed.

Temporal TricksEdit

  • Tap: Pause: Pauses enemies it hits for 2 seconds and slows them briefly. Deals 1 damage.
  • Hold: Time Bubble: Slows down enemies inside the bubble. Bubble is stationary.

Fire and IceEdit

  • Tap: Ignus Strike: Sends a flame line of ~4 tiles of length. Burns enemies it touches.
  • Hold: Ice Block: Spawns a 2x3 rectangle of pure cold. Enemies and terrain inside said area will be frozen.

Magical CombatEdit

  • Tap: Iron: Damages enemies it hits for 3 hitpoints. May hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Hold: Iron Page: Sends out a horizontally flying page that damages enemies it passes through.

Deadly DistanceEdit

  • Tap: Mini-Bolt: Casts a small projectile that deals 2 damage with significant knockback upon impact. 
  • Hold: Homing Orb: Casts a slow-moving homing orb that deals 3 damage to the enemy it hits.

Dark ArtsEdit

  • Tap: Shadow Strike: Casts a dark bolt that poisons enemies it hits.
  • Hold: Darkness: Casts a cloud of pure darkness that prevents vision inside of it.

Magic 101Edit

  • Tap: Drain: Damages enemies it hits for 1 and heals the player for 1.
  • Hold: Wizard Throw: Identical to the Wizard Throw spell.

Subclasses Edit

Class Level Subclass Details
Level 1 Poet
  • Special: Tome
Level 2 Wordsmith
  • Charge Tome spells for a different effect
Level 3 Spellwright
  • Can aim spells
  • Spells cost less energy to cast