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Orbis Malus is a spell that can only be learned after defeating the Reaper by consuming the Reaper Pearl.

Casting the spell absorbs nearby corpses, weapons, and other items (such as torches) creating an orb for each and one more for casting the spell. Therefore, if 3 objects are absorbed, 4 orbs will be spawned.

While the player has orbs, every attack will fire a poisoning bolt of magic much like the equipped Dark Arts tome attack, spending one orb in the process.

If unused, these orbs will eventually disappear.

These orbs can also be created without using the Orbis Malus spell. When an enemy is killed with a charged Soul Weapon, an orb with the same properties as above is created.

Neither this nor the other Reaper spell, Dark Phase, have a Trance, Overload, or Unstable variant.