Spells can be obtained by using Learning Points on spellbooks, or by buying them from shopkeepers.

Spellbooks Edit

List of Spells Edit

Spell Name Energy Charges Size Type Description
Air Dash 2 Infinite 1x1 Minor Perform a homing dash at enemies.
Blink 3 5 (+2) 2x1 Warp Teleport a few blocks away. (Aimed)
Break 3 3 (+1) 2x2 Force Break potions and bridges, damage equipment.
Chain Lightning 5 4 (+2) 3x1 Hot Shoot a lightning bolt that jumps from foe to foe.
Cold Burst 4 5 (+2) 2x2 Cold Freeze enemies in a cone in front of you.
Cure 3 2 (+1) 2x2 Life Remove all detrimental status effects and restore some health.
Dark Phase 4 3 2x2 Dark Turn into a cloud of darkness and move freely.
Double Jump 1 Infinite 1x1 Minor Enables passive double jumping when equipped.
Flame Wave 3 4 (+2) 1x2 Hot Summon a wave of fire to ignite foes.
Frost Bolt 3 5 (+2) 2x1 Cold Launch an icicle to freeze enemies.
Haste 3 5 (+2) 1x1 Time Become Hastened, moving quickly and jumping higher
Infernus 4 3 (+1) 3x1 Hot Ignite nearby ground and burn enemies.
Magic Blast 4 3 (+1) 3x1 Force Launch a missile. Damage scales with MAG.
Orbis Malus 4 3 2x2 Dark Creates orbs that fire magic bolts.
Plague 4 4 (+2) 2x2 Dark Summon a cloud of miasma that poisons and slows enemies.
Poison Blob 3 4 (+2) 1x1 Dark Launch a bouncing ball of poison.
Portal 3 3 (+1) 2x2 Warp Create two portals linked to each other.
Push 1 5 (+2) 1x1 Force Shove enemies and objects away.
Raise Dead 4 3 (+1) 2x2 Dark Raise a humanoid corpse to follow you.
Shadow Cloak 2 5 (+2) 1x1 Dark Vanish into the shadows for a few seconds.
Slow 4 5 (+2) 1x1 Time Slow nearby enemies.
Teleport 4 5 (+2) 1x2 Warp Hold cast to aim: Release to teleport.
Temporal Step 4 5 (+2) 2x1 Time Move quickly, leaving a damaging trail behind.
Undo 4 1 (+1) 2x2 Time Travel back in time for a brief moment.
Vampirism 3 3 (+1) 2x1 Dark Restore health by attacking foes.
Whirlwind 3 5 (+2) 1x1 Cold Summon a whirlwind to suck enemies and objects in.
Wizard Throw 2 5 (+2) 1x1 Force Summon an ethereal hand to grab and throw enemies.

Combinations Edit

Since the 0.1.5 update, it is possible to use the Multicast stat to cast two spells at the same time. Some combinations can combine to form one strong spell.

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