Description Edit

Over the years the Catacombs have become a place of punishment for Kids who have found themselves unable to peacefully exist in the Overworld. Those condemned to the depths use the time to hone their skills and sate their bloodlust...

Stats Edit

  • STR +
  • DEF -
  • MAG -

Special Ability Edit

The Bully's special ability is Taunt. When used, all foes in a radius of about 6 blocks will be stunned briefly - this does not require line of sight. Additionally, the Bully gains power strikes similar to those granted by the Strength trait Focus Strike, but without the need to charge up first. The number of power strikes the Bully gains is equal to the number of foes affected by Taunt. This number is represented by orange orbs surrounding the Bully's head. After a few seconds, these strikes will wear off, and any missed attacks will still consume a power strike.

A Bruiser's Taunt has an increased stun duration and also inflicts a weakness effect, reducing attack power. A Killer's Taunt has further increased effects. Additionally, Killers have a chance to decapitate humanoid foes; this instantly kills Grumbuls, but not Skeletons, who instead are blinded and forced to move and attack randomly. Killers also gain one level in every weapon skill, including previously-unlearned skills.

Subclasses Edit

Class Level Subclass Details
Level 1 Bully
  • Special: Taunt
Level 2 Bruiser
  • Enemies die at 2hp or less instead of at 0
  • Taunt stuns foes for longer
  • Taunt briefly weakens foes
Level 3 Killer
  • Chance to decapitate foes
  • Raise all weapon skills
  • Taunt weakens foes for longer