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• 11/28/2016

Semi-Official: Plan to adopt this wikia, would like feedback.

As our current admin, CerealKiller 54, has been inactive since April 2015, the Catacomb Kids Wikia has been rudderless for a while. Especially with Update 17 coming soon, we need a competent mod team to guide us. We also do not have a very involved editing team, with a few prolific people and mostly piecemeal changes every time an update hits.

Because our inactve admin cannot change the leadership, I will submitting a request with Wikia to Adopt this community. Per their guidelines, I am creating this public discussion of new leadership before making my request, allowing users at least a week to respond. I am interested if other active members of the community would like to sponsor this Adoption with me and lead this community together. PM me!

I have been semi-active in this community in 2015, as A Fandom User, because I Kickstarter this game. In the past month, I have had a renewed interest in Catacomb Kids. Given that this is a very complex game with hidden and nonobvious mechanics, a competent, in-depth wiki is needed. I have made a commitment to myself to improve this wiki in the coming months, and recently I have made minor edits to some pages and am currently focusing on the stats page.

If accepted, my plan would be to clean up areas of uncertainty and incompleteness within existing pages first, then work on creating distinct pages for world objects like goos, lanterns, braziers, etc. Finally, I would work with interested people to test numbers, test game actions, and dive into code to attach concrete numbers to figures like crit chance, sight radius and understand game effects like meal combos, what seasoning does, and potion mixing. Since I am not a very skilled player, I would try to recruit players to fight bosses, understand their move patterns and stats, and take screenshots. Our boss pages don't look too good and I feel that understanding the bosses is important given that they are the hardest parts of an intensely difficult game.

When resolving community disputes, I won't act rashly. I know how it feels to be at the mercy of a capricious mod. I won’t give into nepotism or bias - only look at the evidence. 

Regarding leadership: If accepted, I would be an admin of this community. I would like to find a like-minded person to be"co-admin" of sorts - both so that this situation we have here doesn't happen again and as a system of "checks and balances." Below us, I want to find competent moderators to oversee day-to-day activity, as well as trusted editors with slightly elevated privileges compared to the average user. This isn't a monarchy: those with positions should treat all as equals, and any complaints will be taken equally seriously, no matter who they come from.

I hope to make our community nicer!

I await and welcome your input!


tl;dr: help me Adopt our community!


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• 12/2/2016

I, as the creator of the game after which this wikia is based, endorse this proposal and would provide what support I can to the ongoing efforts of said community! I've actually wanted to help with this for a while but I don't really have any experience wiki-ing and also am busy making the game.

• 12/5/2016
Will do dude.
• 12/10/2016
I also support this adoption.
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